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I'M EXCITED to announce, my debut of my 9th book 'My Haunted Attachment' is finally completed. I'm loving the cover art and I am blessed to have some of best seasoned paranormal investigators help tell these exciting stories. Over 4 years in the making, collecting and documenting haunted attachments, things you bring home everyday that may hold a powerful residual haunting presence. Second hand shops have been around since the 13th century. 1/5 of Americans shop resale which doesn’t include dumpster divers or items found on the side of the road. Thats 63 million US people bringing home someone else's items. 75+ million Americans recycle their items at a resale shops, vintage consignments, thrift stores and auctions. So many used items come in yearly that these stores have to export to developing countries. One can not think what kinds of energy these attachments hold. Possibly murder weapons such as a knife that was used to cut their lover. What about creepy dolls and clothes that change your personality. In depth case files on real events of actual haunted attachments. Did you ever wonder why someone left a beautiful antique in the alley, threw away or even buried a valuable possession? A tragic event can remain and attach itself to material things such as clothing, dolls, furniture, paintings, jewelry and even houses. It then can transfer its dark energy on to you, altering your personality making you feel out of control and even destroy your life. Compiled here are the true case files documenting, real evidence of haunted attachments and how it effects its owners or should I say its victims. If you play with paranormal fire you’re going to get ‘burnt’. Explore the history and the haunting of extreme paranormal activity within these haunted attachments. This book is very personal to me as I went through the most difficult time in my life filming our latest documentary The Attached. This was the first time I picked up an attachment during an investigation at St. Albans Sanatorium. I was attacked in Isolation Cell 7. St. Albans has over 14 Isolation Cells that you can visit if you dare. Something at St. Albans attached to my back and I remember spinning around like a chicken with its head cut off. It was heavy, like human baggage taking a stronghold on my frame. I remember screaming “Get off me, Get off me.” After it subsided, I felt lighter as it calmed down enough to be able to leave. Within six months after I almost died. Leaving out the gory-building details, getting straight to the point, I was checked into the hospital with some form of thing residing inside the middle of me. It was ruled out as a tumor yet they found a large unknown entity living inside. It was successfully removed but to this day that intruder remains at Harvards Medical University in a specimen jar as it had stem cells and teeth. Was this some form of an attachment or just a coincidence, you decide as you read on....BTW: Isolation Cell 7 is where the most extreme paranormal activity is reported! - Author: Christopher Saint Booth You can order your autographed book today (Now shipping) as well as Spooked TV Publishing is going to give you a free poster Hurry this is a limited offer and only 100 are available. Thank you all for your support, You're going to love it.

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