A message from the Christopher Saint Booth

Hello dear friends, I am excited to announce the completion of my new audio book. This is the audio adaption of the fast, selling book PARANOIA -The Strange Case Of Ghosts, Aliens and Demons. It is the only paranormal audio book that includes real EVPs, sound FX and a dramatic score. It is written, narrated and scored by me. It contains over 2.5 hours of paranormal true stories produced dramatically, full of emotion and mystery. I am very proud of this project as it has turned out to be a very powerful and enlightening adventure that needs to be shared. As I am a strong supporter of the music business, for the initial release I will need your help. I have decided to do a limited two CD set. This will make it perfect for you to listen to my book in the car or at home. The limited edition will include, a professionally packaged 2 disc set with a haunting gloss box cover, numbered and signed as there will only be 100 of these limited edition audio books available. Pre-order yours today and also get a free poster, ships February 8th. Your pre-order will help the replication costs and keep it from being just digitally released on iTunes etc. So if you would like (in which case you are gonna love) this 2 CD Box set, message me or go to spookedtv.com via your computer (not mobile friendly yet) and order yours today. This is a must for any paranormal lover as the passion contained in this audio book speaks for itself. I hope this will be the first of many I will produce as this CD set simply rocks. Together let do this so we can continue to present the paranormal with class and integrity. Cheers, CSB.

PARANOIA AUDIO BOOK EXPERIENCE Limited Collectors Edition includes free autographed poster - only 100 available NOW SHIPPING

PARANOIA The Strange Case Of Ghost, Aliens and Demons (AUDIO BOOK). Written, Read and Music by Christopher Saint Booth.
In this human emotional search for the afterlife, explore supernatural case files, theories and techniques from top paranormal investigators, sensitives and demonologists. Audio version of the five star, fast selling book Paranoia The Strange Case of Ghosts, Aliens and Demons by Christopher Saint Booth. The only paranormal audio book that includes real EVPs, sound effects and an original score dramatically produced for the ultimate audio experience. Coming soon from Spooked Productions. www.spookedtv.com

PARANOIA The Strange Case Of Ghost, Aliens and Demons (AUDIO BOOK). Written, Read and Music by Christopher Saint Booth.


1. Introduction (2:04) 2. The Strange Case Of Twins (4:16) 3.The Strange Case Of Los Angeles (5:09) 4.The Strange Case Of Being Jesus (4:40) 5.The Strange Case Of The Old Soldiers Home (2:03) 6. The Strange Case Of Dark Place (2:48) 7.The Strange Case Of Spooked The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium (4:49) 8.The Strange Case Of Death Tunnel (13:27) 9.The Strange Case Of Children Of The Grave (8:25) 10.The Strange Case Of Zombie Road (10:29) 11.The Strange Case Of Gore Orphanage (5:45) 12.The Strange Case Of The Crescent Hotel (2:22) 13.The Strange Case Of The Watseka Wonder (11:50)


14.The Strange Case Of Manteno State Hospital (3:33) 15.The Strange Case Of Wanda (1:16) 16.The Strange Case Of Anneliese Michel (3:13) 17.The Strange Case Of The Possessed (9:05) 18.The Strange Case Of The Queen Mary (2:45) 19.The Strange Case Of Rolling Hills Asylum (3:06) 20.The Strange Case Of The Mayfair Hotel (4:00) 21.The Strange Case Of Sex With Ghosts (15.23) 22.The Strange Case Of Children Of The Grave II (5:26) 23.The Strange Case Of The Stanley Hotel (1:31) 24.The Strange Case Of The Soul Catcher (8:00) 25.The Strange Case Of Paranoia (4:50) 26.The Strange Case Of The Hinsdale House (4:31) 27.The Strange Case Of The End Or The New Beginning (8:56)

Spooked Production Studios Spooked Television Releasing 27 Tracks-Running Time 158 minutes Barcode 190394210441