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THE INCURABLE- History and Haunting of Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Book) NOW SHIPPING.

SPOOKED TV BOOK SERIES presents Volume One, THE INCURABLE - History and Haunting of Waverly Hills Sanatorium. A full in-depth ghost adventure (Book) from the producer of Spooked and Death Tunnel. 1928, Kentucky, a horrific disease known as the white plague claimed over thousands of lives. A monstrous sanatorium was built to isolate and play host to bizarre experiments in desperation to find a cure. From the producer of Spooked and Death Tunnel, Christopher Saint Booth shares this emotional yet Spooked diary of the infected and the hell hospital they called home. Read the true accounts of a day in the life and death of the Incurable. Contains the hidden past, journals from actual patients, staff and ghost hunters. Exclusive interviews with the haunted and the blessed. This is their true story, their last words and memories of the scariest place on earth. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a monster of a building! May their souls never be forgotten. Adapted from the highly acclaimed Booth Brother