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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DECEMBER 8, 2008. THE POSSESSED, A 2009 BIG RELEASE. Spooked Television Releasing (STV) announced today their new supernatural documentary; The Possessed will be released in 2009 instead of the previously scheduled December 2008 release. This years American Film Market scored top domestic television commitments for this title about the Watseka Wonder story and is now under control by network television. The exact release dates are to be announced shortly. The DVD release will follow. "2009 will be a big year for our spookiest paranormal titles as they are by far, worth the wait", producer Christopher Saint Booth said. Network backed titles include, THE POSSESSED, THE HAUNTED BOY and SOUL CATCHER from British filmmakers, The Booth Brothers. For more info contact Julie Storm at Encounters Paranormal Radio Interview with producer Christopher Saint Booth