THE EXORCIST DIARY - The True Story. A paperback book about the study of the real Exorcist story. Limited Edition.

OCTOBER 2015: Spooked TV Publications presents THE EXORCIST DIARY - The True Story (Paperback Book)by Raymond J. Bishop, S.J. and Christopher Saint Booth.ISBN-13: 978-0692536698. Published by Spooked TV Publications. What intrigued me about this diary was that "The Exorcist” was by far the scariest horror movies of all time based on true events. The actual case involved a boy not a girl as portrayed in the movie. We went to St. Louis to find out the truth and uncover the real diary and we did just that. Documented by 14 priests this diary chronicles the horrific story of “The Exorcist” and a boy possessed by the devil. For the first time read the unedited diary of the boy’s possession and exorcism. Learn the facts and truth about one of the most darkest supernatural cases known to man. Journey behind the screams with indie filmmaker Christopher Saint Booth as seen on Syfy, Chiller and Sony Pictures. Adapted from the actual Exorcist diary by Rev. Raymond J. Bishop. Adaption by Christopher Saint Booth. www.theexorcistdiary.com “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” HP Lovecraft. Release date October 19th 2015! Go to right side of this page in margin at hit buy now.(Every book sale, $5.00 will go to the Homeless Ministries of the United States of the Old Catholic Church)God Bless.. THE EXORCIST DIARY - The True Story. A paperback book about the study of the real Exorcist story. Get yours today….



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Spooked Television Releasing (2014). Unrated/Packed with Bonus Features.HIGHLIGHTS:*An investigative look into the hidden diary of the real Exorcist *Exclusive first look ever inside the actual Exorcist house and asylum.*The search and discovery of the lost Exorcism Room furniture (bed, desk, cross) said to be haunted and sealed in high security cold storage.*Decipher the Haunted Boy's bed sheets containing devil's messages and drawings including Aramaic writing and a treasure map of hell.*First time ever, paranormal investigation of the asylum and house where the Haunted Boy was kept during his possession and the rites of exorcism.*Paranormal evidence including shadows, EVP's, hot and cold spots, light abnormalities and a cross shaped burn mark on one of the investigators.*Eyewitness reports and actual archive case files and family interviews.This is the untold-real story of "The Exorcist", a chronicle of true events based on the actual priest's secret diary the world was not to see, Until Now!

WARNING: Graphic language and intense depiction of possession. Audio contains Electronic Voice Phenomena (sounds of the dead) and actual recorded exorcisms. Intended for mature audiences and may be disturbing to some viewers. NOW ON DVD (Uncut) Order on right side of page…..