Excited to announce the new audio book experience will be released this friday worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Pandora, Spotify and more. If you want a Limited Edition 2CD box set with free poster, signed and numbered go to now as we only have a few left….thank you all that has supported this release. This has been a dream project to produce with passion and pride as I hope to release many more, why? cause it so bloody cool…cheers. Join me this friday on Facebook for the online release event. Free gifts plus more when you stop by at the event page... JOIN US on Facebook SPOOKED TV PRESS RELEASE; FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 15, 2016 PARANOIA AUDIO BOOK EXPERIENCE WORLDWIDE RELEASE. For more info Contact Los Angeles, California - Spooked Television Releasing is proud to announce the worldwide release of their new Audio Book, Paranoia- Audio Experience-February 19, 2016 Now on iTunes, Amazon CDBaby, Spotify, Pandora, Vimeo, YouTube and the Limited Edition- 2 CD set is available at Known for distribution and production of the Booth Brothers films such as Death Tunnel, Dead Still, The Exorcist File, Spooked and Children Of The Grave as seen on Syfy and Chiller, the production company has been branching out to new forms of entertainment. Earlier this year the company released two books, The Exorcist Diary, the true story of The Exorcist and Paranoia, The Strange case of Ghosts, Demons and Aliens by Christopher Saint Booth. Both were quick sellers and paved the path for more to come. Paranoia - Audio Experience, a limited edition 2CD set contains 2.5 hours or 26 Chapters of true paranormal stories. Written and also narrated by Christopher Saint Booth. The only paranormal audio book that contains an original score which Booth also penned, sound effects as well as real EVP's, Electronic Voice Phenomenon, the capture of spirit voices. Dramatically and well produced it plays like a supernatural journal of some of the scariest and emotional case files ever captured. Such as The Exorcist, Anneliese Michel (the real Emily Rose), orphan ghost children and alien sightings over the Pacific Coast. Personally read by author Christopher Saint Booth, he delivers the realism and passion in every word, giving listeners the feeling they are actually there and in for the ride of their after-lives. We learn of Booth's first paranormal experience, fast forward to Los Angeles for his rock and roll days to the hypnotic behind the screams of the Booth Brothers films. Other stories include the Stanley Hotel, Crescent Hotel, Sex with Ghosts, Zombie Road and many more. Paranoia- Audio Experience - worldwide release - February 19, 2016 For more info please contact Trailer at Website Facebook Paranoia- Audio Experience Written , Read and Music by Christopher Saint Booth Spooked Television Releasing Limited Edition 2-CD set available at Digital download on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby #190394210441 DISC 1 1. Introduction (2:04) 2. The Strange Case Of Twins (4:16) 3.The Strange Case Of Los Angeles (5:09) 4.The Strange Case Of Being Jesus (4:40) 5.The Strange Case Of The Old Soldiers Home (2:03) 6. The Strange Case Of Dark Place (2:48) 7.The Strange Case Of Spooked The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium (4:49) 8.The Strange Case Of Death Tunnel (13:27) 9.The Strange Case Of Children Of The Grave (8:25) 10.The Strange Case Of Zombie Road (10:29) 11.The Strange Case Of Gore Orphanage (5:45) 12.The Strange Case Of The Crescent Hotel (2:22) 13.The Strange Case Of The Watseka Wonder (11:50) DISC 2 14.The Strange Case Of Manteno State Hospital (3:33) 15.The Strange Case Of Wanda (1:16) 16.The Strange Case Of Anneliese Michel (3:13) 17.The Strange Case Of The Possessed (9:05) 18.The Strange Case Of The Queen Mary (2:45) 19.The Strange Case Of Rolling Hills Asylum (3:06) 20.The Strange Case Of The Mayfair Hotel (4:00) 21.The Strange Case Of Sex With Ghosts (15.23) 22.The Strange Case Of Children Of The Grave II (5:26) 23.The Strange Case Of The Stanley Hotel (1:31) 24.The Strange Case Of The Soul Catcher (8:00) 25.The Strange Case Of Paranoia (4:50) 26.The Strange Case Of The Hinsdale House (4:31) 27.The Strange Case Of The End Or The New Beginning (8:56) Paranoia- Audio Experience: In this human emotional search for the afterlife, explore supernatural case files, theories and techniques from top paranormal investigators, sensitives and demonologists. Audio version of the five star, fast selling book Paranoia The Strange Case of Ghosts, Aliens and Demons by Christopher Saint Booth. The only paranormal audio book that includes real EVPs, sound effects and an original score dramatically produced for the ultimate audio experience. For more info please contact Spooked Television Releasing 18017 Chatsworth Street, #130 Granada Hills, CA 91344 USA Email Phone: 310-498-9576

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