PARANOIA THE BOOK NOW SHIPPING A Personal note from Christopher Saint Booth.

I am very proud to announce the completion of my first book entitled PARANOIA - The Strange Case of Ghosts, Demons and Aliens. It spans from my first ghostly encounter at a young age through my work with Syfy and goes behind the screams of this spiritual adventure. With 28 chapters covering 18 locations and cases. This is a must read for all paranormal enthusiasts alike. Throughout my decade of being involved in the paranormal I have had the pleasure to learn from some of the top investigators in the field and witness some of the best evidence ever captured. This is the story behind the story, a chilling chronicle of the spectral world as told from the heart. From orphan ghost children to demon infestation and alien encounters. This is my emotional journal, a human approach to the paranormal that will be sure to enrich your everyday life and afterlife. I hope you enjoy my first para-book. A lot of good energy went into this 'bearing of my soul" as it is personal it is my intention to help educate and inspire a mission to create closure for the lost and the unknown. Spooked TV Publications has made an autographed edition. I will personally autograph them as I can not wait for you to share these incredible experiences. You can order at NOW SHIPPING.

Journey beyond the screams with filmmaker Christopher Saint Booth as seen on Syfy, Chiller and Sony Pictures. Uncover the real stories behind the history and haunting of the Booth Brothers scariest films, cases and locations including Death Tunnel, Spooked The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Children Of The Grave, The Possessed and The Exorcist File. In this human emotional search for the afterlife, explore supernatural evidence, theories and techniques from the leading paranormal investigators, sensitives and demonologists.

PARANORMAL CASES & LOCATIONS Linda Vista Hospital - Los Angeles, CA Waverly Hills Sanatorium - Louisville, KY Crown Hill Cemetery - Indianapolis, IN Bartonville State Asylum - Peoria, IN Manteno State Asylum- Manteno, IL Glore Psychiatric Museum- St. Joseph, MO Ashmore Estates - Ashmore, IL Rolling Hills Asylum- Bethany, NY Watseka Wonder House- Watseka, IL Exorcist House- Bel-nor, MO Hinsdale House- Hinsdale, NY Queen Mary- Long Beach, CA The Crescent Hotel- Eureka Springs, AK The Stanley Hotel- Estes Park, CO The Old Soldiers Home -West wood, CA Zombie Road- St.Louis, MO The Mayfair Hotel- St.Louis, MO The Lemp Mansion- St.Louis, MO

PARANOIA The Strange Case of Ghosts, Demons and Aliens by Christopher Saint Booth $25.00+S&H Second Edition- ONLY 100 Signed copies available. Please enter the name for autograph.NOW SHIPPING. ORDER ON RIGHT SIDE COLLUM> SPOOKED TV PUBLICATIONS 18017 CHATSWORTH STREET. #130 GRANADA HILLS, CA 91344 Email: Phone: 310-498-9576 PARANOIA: The Strange Case of Ghosts, Demons and Aliens.©2015 Spooked Productions ISBN-10: 1633188442 ISBN-13: 9781633188440

In my new book I explore tragic yet touching experiences with ghost children, demons and aliens. A chronicle of spectral events witnessed from an emotional human approach. These are the true stories behind the screams of our acclaimed paranormal films and documentaries. Over 10 years of Blood, Sweat and Fear went into the making. 28 chapters of supernatural exploration. Get ready for the ride of a after-lifetime. PARANOIA The Strange Case of Ghosts, Demons and Aliens by Christopher Saint Booth (Paperback book) Autographed Second Edition - ONLY 100 Signed copies available. Please enter the name for autograph. NOW AVAILABLE. For more info please visit

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