THE UNSEEN DVD REVIEW:ParaUnderworld Magazine

THE UNSEEN DVD REVIEW...I don’t know how they do it. But the Booth Brothers have managed to take behind the scene footage of some of the most gripping stories from their past movies and come up with a feature all in of itself. There is something to be said for people in the paranormal film making industry that continuously and without fail bring you real, true and honest stories from haunted locals across the nation. The Unseen does not disappoint in the least. Sit down for a while with Christopher and Philip as they give you a little insight into what makes The Booth Brothers tic. I promise in the end you will laugh, you will cry, and if you pay very close attention you will learn a great deal. The Unseen is a very powerful and moving work of art with a very special lesson to be learned and is described in detail by Philip Booth himself. My hat is off to the Booths Brothers yet again. Thank you again for attempting to open the eyes of so many who have been blinded. Get your copy today you will not regret it! Order online at John Tincher ParaUnderworld Magazine

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