Children Of The Grave 2 Original Soundtrack Coming Soon to iTunes.

23 music tracks of Spooked, emotional paranormal masterpieces. Dim the lights , turn up the volume and get ready for a supernatural roller-coaster ride. Electronic grooves mixed with Orchestra and choirs mastered in high definition sound. Ghosts have never sounded this good. Truly inspiring and scary. "Messes with your head". From acclaimed filmmakers The Booth Brothers creators of Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures), Spooked, The Possessed, Children Of The Grave, The Haunted Boy as seen on SyFy and Chiller. This shocking new paranormal, documentary film continues the true hauntings of ghost children and their emotional stories of the supernatural. Featuring never before seen real ghost evidence. Emotional, Supernatural and Scary. "Jump for your Afterlife!" Available on iTunes soon.

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