Booth Brothers LIVE from Australia; Listen to it here, great interview...http://www.theparanormalguide.net/apps/podcast/podcast/253258 PARANORMAL FILMMAKERS BOOTH BROTHERS LIVE - Exclusive Interview April 20th-Friday @ 10:00 AM central time on www.kbht.com . For those out of the Central East Texas range of 93.5 The Outlaw, you can listen to the livestream feed on www.kbht.com (you will see the *wanna listen* button in the upper right hand corner).No #1 station in Central & East Texas that plays pure rock of several genres (from the 60's to current) Radio reaches 94% of the population each week. KBHT broadcasts to a population close to 400,000 of residents and covers 15 counties.

BOOTH BROTHERS Talk Children Of The Grave 2
3/27/ 11pm /C W David Schrader www.darknessradio.com


Haunted Path: Was it always your intention to enter the paranormal realm of film or did you start out with different intentions?


Chris and I started out as musicians, we had great success with Juno award winning band Sweeney Todd, after Canadian rocker Bryan Adams had left.

HP: From viewing your body of work it seems the movie “Death Tunnel” made you a believer in the other side.  You actually caught some good EVPs on the audio for the movie. Since then what is the most memorable paranormal experience you have had?


Wow, there are a lot of them for sure. When filming in a decayed hallway of the “closed off “ section of Waverly Hills in the middle of a heat wave, an ice cold spot traveled down the hall and went right through us and the camera leaving a small film of ice on the lens afterwards. We also caught a blur resembling a little girl in the same room at the same moment. The actual “Death Tunnel” was creepy and very active indeed. Imagine, 65,000 people had died at the sanatorium and a lot of them may have been wheeled down through this tunnel to avoid the other patients knowing. They all thought people were being cured and released. Christopher has spotted Mary, a little ghost girl down there as well. You can see all of this incredible evidence in ‘Spooked, The Ghosts of Waverly Hills” at www.spookedtv.com. Death Tunnel from Sony Pictures is on regular rotation on SyFy channel and is available online at Sony or Amazon. also at www.deathtunnel.com

HP: You have created quite a following from your documentaries and investigations with investigators such as Keith Age. Most has been relatively positive. Have you gotten any negative feedback from the paranormal community?


Well, there is always somebody who feels badly about themselves or their situation, we really do not dwell on the negative, “no drama “ :)

HP: The Staff at Ghost Walk and Haunted Path are very excited about the new film “Soul Catcher” as I am sure everyone else is. Can you tell us briefly about it?


Soul Catcher is an amazing, scary and emotional journey across the Trail Of Tears through desolate wastelands with 500 foot pinnacles with petroglyphs and abandoned gothic structures that were once Indian Boarding Schools.
These place were built to conform and steal the spirits, “catch their souls,“ so to speak. It is no wonder so much paranormal activity exists there! What we uncover is “the best evidence to date “ and the human spirit of these great tribes inspire us all. Grab your Kleenex, you may need it! www.soulcatchermovie.com

HP: The Native American community is quiet and not genuinely understood by outsiders.  How did they receive you and your endeavor in bringing this story to the public?


So far we have had nothing but praise and undying support from all. We asked the elders and got permission to go onto reservation land and shot the film respectfully, accurately, to deliver the spine-tingling truth!

HP: In a few short years you have covered a vast array of American paranormal history in your films. Have you ever thought of doing a film of lore or phenomenon back in your home country of England?


Well, America still has a few skeletons in her closet yet, when we were in England it’s all so matter of fact about the castles, hauntings etc…. But America
has great stories and locations that are being knocked down every day, so they need to be told!

HP: When arriving in a new town during your investigation and filming process do you ever meet resistance from the local people when trying to uncover information about your subject?


Absolutely, more so the government representatives, we have a few lawyers on staff when needed. Keeping something covered up will not give anyone “closure”
All we want to do is uncover the truth, give the spirits a voice again, so maybe they can find peace and comfort and cross over.

HP: Personally my favorite documentary was “Children of the Grave”. It stuck in my mind for a long time and I have watched it numerous times.  Do you ever get emails or calls asking you to go back and investigate or uncover new evidence?


Actually, all the time. Children of the Grave was a breakthrough show in helping people realize about the hundreds of thousands of orphan children that had died and were displaced in the late 1800s and early 20th century.
www.childrenofthe grave.com “No Child Should Be Forgotten”

HP: I have to say in doing my reading I came across “Ghouls Gone Wild”. Which I have to say I hadn’t seen before. Tell us a little bit about it and how it has been received by the fans?


Ghouls Gone Wild is a vampyre film we did for Playboy some time ago, it is so artsy, classy and sensual. We wanted it to be available because of its artistic merit and great visuals. People who have seen it simply love it !

HP: You are two of the hardest working men in the field.  So what do you do in your off time for leisure?


Time off is hard, we are always driven by new ideas, but i would say enjoy time with our children and loved ones.

HP: So what projects are next for the Booth Brothers and Spooked TV?


We have been asked to do Death Tunnel 2, as well as Children of the Grave 2, and we working hand in hand with NBC and Chiller in creating their horror channel and our new series”Corner Of The Eye” as well as more docudramas on the horizon coming soon. for more info check out www.spookedtv.com

HP: If there was one thing you wanted people to know about the Booth Brothers and the work you do, what would it be?


We put a lot of time and passion into what we do, this is “the real thing” and the stories we find, you will never forget, after all ….”The Scariest Ghost Stories Are The Ones That Are Real”

LISTEN NOW to the Booth Brothers LIVE from ST. Louis, Dave Glover Show, 97.1 archive click on 10-26-10 DGS Hour 3 http://www.971talk.com/glover/podcast.aspx The Haunted Boy OCT 28TH TIVOLI THEATER Second Show

LIVE ON THE NEWS: The Haunted Boy: "Paranormal Activity meets The Exorcist but for Real!


Fearless Ghost Hunter Interview

The Booth Brothers on Coast To Coast with George Noory

The Booth Brothers Haunted Boy Interview Examiner

K-ROCK RADIO; Christopher Saint Booth Interview

LA TALK RADIO; Christopher Saint Booth Interview



DOWNLOAD INTERVIEWS (copy & paste in browser)

Spooked TV Radio Interviews Downloads (New updates weekly)

LIVE INTERVIEW: Philip and Christopher Booth as seen on SyFy
A.R.S Radio presents SyFy Producer Christopher Saint Booth's Interview discussing the paranormal documentary film, "Children Of the Grave" (as seen on SyFy). Listen if you dare as we uncover the shocking truth, history and haunting of Ghost Children.
Paranormal Chat with Moe Banshee
Darkness Radio talks with Christopher Saint Booth about the paranormal and his documentaries such as Spooked, Children of the Grave and The Possessed.
Darkness Radio The Possessed
Rick Hayes Conversations
Para X Radio KAPS Exclusive Radio
NorCal Ghost Talk Paranormal Radio
Encounters Paranormal Radio
WildLife Radio LIVE Mid South Paranormal Convention
Para X Radio Show
Channel 3 News, Illinois
Channel 3 News, Missouri
Steven and DC Radio
Late Night Radio
Tuesday After Twilight
Steven La Chance Radio Show
The Beast Radio Show
SNEP Radio
Between Two Worlds Canada
LGHS Interview
Horror Movies Canada
Bloody Disgusting

Join Spooked TV as seen on SyFy at the Lemp Haunted Brewery Oct 16th and win tickets to see the Haunted Boy Oct 28th, St Louis http://thehauntedboy2.eventbrite.com


Meet the Booth Brothers, (Christopher and Philip). Exclusive Interview by: Elaine Lamkin/ Dread Central

LIVE! Paranormal Filmmaking. George Noory, Coat to Coast AM Radio.Guests: Philip Booth, Christopher Booth, LIVE 05-13-10, 11PMpst
Paranormal documentary filmmakers Christopher & Philip Booth will discuss their past films on ghosts, hauntings, possessions and their current work on the true story behind the movie The Exorcist. coasttocoastam.com/show/2010/05/13

The Booth Brothers interview about their brand new horror documentary "The Possessed" which focuses on real cases of human possession in the U.S.. This documentary premieres October 8th on the SYFY Channel.We also discuss their previous horror documentary...the enormously popular "Children of the Grave."


October 17, 2010 from 4pm to 7pm- St. Louis, Missouri - www.riverfrontradio.com
Tune in to the "Chaos" Show on Riverfront Radio this Sunday October 17 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and listen to three hours of a paranormal powerhouse show featuring Phil Booth of Spooked TV, Members of Paranormal Task Force (PTF) and Dr. Michael Henry from the Mid-America Paranormal Society & St. Charles Ghost Tours. Hear... the eerie details about Spooked TV's newest movie "The Haunted Boy: The Secret Diary of the Exorcist" and learn the truth about the infamous 1949 St. Louis Exorcism, creepy tales about PTF investigations and encountes with the unknown, and about the hauntings of historic St. Charles which are featured in the new book "Ghosts of St. Charles"! and much more. Remember to keep the lights on and the holy water nearby when listening to this one!

ParaChallenged Radio Welcomes Christopher Saint and Philip Adrian Booth Tuesday September 22!! They are documentary filmmakers whose work has been featured on the Syfy Channel. Come and listen as they tell us about Children of the Grave, Spooked, The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Death Tunnel and the soon to air, The Possessed! The Possessed which focuses on the infamous twisted possession true story of "The Watseka Wonder" will be premiering October 8th at 9/8c on the SyFy channel.. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!!!

ParaChallenged Radio Live can be heard by going to any of these great networks!!


Don't Miss The Booth Brothers Films on SyFy's 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN!!!

THE POSSESSED 10/08/2009 09:00PM/ET.


See all these supernatural titles UNCUT NOW ON DVD

Spooked TV as seen on Syfy Channel A Division of NBC Universal!

Sunday night chat with the Booth Brothers, October 4, 10:00pm/est http://www.darkplainsradio.com/ http://www.jackalope105fm.com/

Sunday night tea party & chat with SyFy channel/Spooked TV paranormal filmmakers the Booth Brothers, October 4th!

*KAPS Paranormal Radio (CBS) 8:00pm/est http://www.para-x.com/kaps.html


The Booth Brothers Join me tonight the night before the premier of The Possessed and Children of the Grave on Scy Fy.
Join us tonight for an exciting show the day before the premier.

Subject: For Immediate Release. [THE POSSESSED, SyFy Television Premiere October 8th 9/8c.]

"She was born October 8, 1846, She died July 5, 1865, She will return October 8, 2009, Happy Birthday Mary Roff"!

Spooked Television and SyFy Channel/NBC Universal is proud to announce the television premiere of 'The Possessed'. This new spooky paranormal documentary by the Booth Brothers (Spooked, Children of the Grave) will premiere on the SyFy channel the same day as the birthday of the film's true life character, Mary Roff, October 8th, 9/8c. Neither the network or the filmmakers coincided these dates. Syfy's air date for 'The Possessed' falling on the same day as Mary's birthday was strictly coincidental, or was it? How spooky is that!

"The Possessed" SyFy Television Premiere, October 8th 9/8c 31 Days Of Halloween Special Event
120 minutes, paranormal documentary. www.syfy.com

'The Possessed' is a paranormal expedition into the haunted world of possession. True events include the chilling story,'The Watseka Wonder'(1877), America's first documented possession of a 13 yr old girl by spirits of the insane dead!

Produced and Directed by the Booth Brothers. Distributed by Spooked Television Releasing and SyFy Channel/NBC Universal.
Cast includes; Keith Age, Rick Hayes, Steven La Chance, Denice and Michael Jones, Troy Taylor, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Juli Velazquez, James Long and John Zaffis.

OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.thepossessedmovie.com/
TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aub9o_sBIFc&feature=PlayList&p=DDF7AAE4D7DE021A&index=0&playnext=1
MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/thepossessedmovie
IMDB: http://www.pro.imdb.com/title/tt1067777

Christopher Saint Booth- Live Radio Interview, October 19th 9pm/et
WWW.Para-X.Com Podcasts - WWW.BlackCatPodcast.Com

Trick Or Treat Live Radio Interview with the Booth Brothers. Come join us as the talk about their new upcoming films. Hear it first. October 25th, 10pm/etCall-in Number: (646) 727-2572 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fearlessghosthunter

If you missed it, download it here. A.R.S Radio presents SyFy Producer Christopher Saint Booth's Interview discussing the paranormal documentary film, "Children Of the Grave" (as seen on SyFy). Listen if you dare as we uncover the shocking truth, history and haunting of Ghost Children.
Children Of The Grave, Now On DVD (Uncut) www.spookedtv.com
DL Interview: http://blogtalk.vo.llnwd.net/o23/shows/show_864265.mp3

Upcoming Show: 3/1/2010 7:00PM/EST Host Name: Gutwrench Show Name: The Gut & Bone Show --- Philip and Christopher Booth Length: 1 hr THE BOOTH BROTHERS: Philip and Christopher Booth as seen on SyFy.

Christopher Saint Booth Interview http://latalkradio.com/images/Sheena-041910.mp3

Jim talks to his Bud 'Christopher Saint Booth' filmmaker and musician and 1/2 of the Booth Brothers of 'Spooked' fame. He talks about past project and their latest documentary on the Exorcist!!!! Get Ready To Be 'Spooked'! Listen Mornings Monday-Saturday's on 101.9 K-Rock Streaming Live 24/7 and Podcasts @ www.keenerocks.com


TUESDAY-MAY 11/8PM/ET. LIVE The producers of Spooked Television, Christopher Booth and his brother Philip Booth have created some of the best haunted documenteries and movies for years. Children of the Grave, Spooked, The Possessed are just some of their projects and accomplishemnts. When it comes to the supernatural, nobody does it better then the Booth Brothers. http://supernaturalcrossroads.com/Listen.html

A special treat on Thursday for fans of The Booth Brothers. Coast to Coast with George Noory LIVE a three hour interview with The Booth Brothers. They will be speaking about their new paranormal documentary, 'The Haunted Boy, The Secret Diary of the Exorcist' based on the actual diary kept by the priests. There will also be a chance to talk to the brothers during the show. 'Coast to Coast' starts at 11pm PST.

Christopher Saint Booth Derrick Whiteskycloud will be interviewing the Booth Brothers Wednesday night May 19 on Haunted Voices Radio Network at 10pm central ...come & listen live on Between Two Worlds Radio with Derrick Whiteskycloud. http://www.thechannelchannel.com/

Christopher Booth. The Haunted Boy: The Secret Diary of the Exorcist. May 26, 8:29 PMParanormal TV/Web Site Examiner Terra King

The Booth Brothers, Christopher Saint and Philip, have a new documentary set to premiere in October. 'The Haunted Boy: The Secret Diary of the Exorcist' is based on the true story that William Blatty based his book, 'The Exorcist' on. During an interview with Christopher he discussed the new documentary, their past documentaries and how scary the truth is. What sets the Booth Brothers aside from all other paranormal investigators? Christopher and Philip don't have a weekly show. They don't have to produce results for ratings. Their documentaries (and fictional films also) take long days with long hours to shoot. Before they even start shooting there is the research. The Booths are nothing if not thorough.

TK-I know you're a musician as well as a filmmaker. What education do you have in this area?

CB-We learned everything by self teaching. I'm always rehearsing my music. (TK-Christopher does the music for the films.) I'm was very influenced by the James Bond movie music. Our father was a home made inventor.

TK-Regarding "The Haunted Boy: The Secret Diary of the Exorcist".Is there really a diary and do you have it.

CB-There is a diary, as a matter of fact there are six copies of the diary, we have one of them. The diary was written by Rev. Raymond Bishop, who was involved with the exorcism. He took notes the other priests gave him and wrote them down everyday in the diary. The diary was hidden by the priest and discovered in a sealed room. The diary was hidden to make sure it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands. The truth was being hidden to protect it.

CB-The story that William Blatty and William Friedken told in 'The Exorcist' is based on a true story. What we did was look into the real story. We filmed at the real places where this horrible incident happened. We talked to people involved. A family member of the boy, (the movie's fictional possessed child was a girl,) and we talked to many of the real people involved in this case.

TK-Who did you speak to?

CB-We spoke to everyone we could. We talked to the great grand niece of Father Bowdern. (Father Bowdern is the the priest played by Max Von Sydow in 'The Exorcist'. Bowdern performed the exorcism along with fellow Jesuit priest Walter Halloran.) We talked to some witnesses from the Asylums and also the owners of the house where the boy and his family lived. The boy who is now 74 years old doesn't talk to anyone about this incident.

TK-Your films always have vast paranormal investigations. What locations were investigated for your film?

CB-We were the only people to ever go into the real house where the boy lived. We investigated the hospital where the exorcism was performed and a few other asylums where the boy reportedly had stayed. The evidence we have for the film is amazing. This film is our best so far.

TK-Which of your past films is your favorite?

CB-(laughing) I like them all. Finding Waverly was like finding the Titanic in the middle of the desert. Spooked is a documentary about Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Waverly is a scary place.I felt it was our moral duty to do 'Children of the Grave'. This is the story of hundreds of child who were killed. Imagine today when one child goes missing. 'Children' tells about the hundreds. We heard them and saw them. The photo we had that was taken on 'Zombie Road' is chilling, to see all of those spirits looking down at us. When you walk down 'Zombie Road' you feel like you're never coming back...ever. 'The Possessed' is a really good ghost story. It is the first documented case of possession and reincarnation. Every show has a different energy and power.

TK-You were just at QueenCon, how was that?

CB-I don't find the Queen Mary to be a very positive place. The con was good, but Long Beach makes the Queen Mary Cheesy.

TK-What's coming up for the Booths?

CB-We have a new film coming soon called 'Soul Catcher' based on a true story. Part of the film was filmed at Lemp Mansion, which is very active. There was a boy who was kept in the attic . He was known as the 'monkey faced boy'. He was disfigured due to down syndrome. People see his spirit in a window sometime. We found a young boy with a disability to play this young boy so we could capture the real emotions. We had Native American psychics with us as we investigated the house. A mist appeared above the head of one of the psychics. It formed a face...it pulled together and looked like a face with a mask or a bag on it, this was caught on film. So, we wanted to tell his story.

TK-What do you want your fans to know about you.

CB-That we are moral and responsible, we don't go around leading people the wrong way. We tell the truth. It's a lot of hard work, but people should know the truth. People should know how scary the truth really is.

I want to thank the Booths for their time, for being the amazing men they are.

Check out their website for a great special on a few of their DVDS.


Now online listen for free. Coast to Coast exclusive Interview with The Booth Brothers. Appearing during the middle two hours, paranormal documentary filmmakers Christopher & Philip Booth discussed their new work, The Haunted Boy, which is based on the true case of possession that inspired the movie/book The Exorcist. Instead of a girl, it was actually a young boy who became possessed, and the main events took place in St. Louis in 1949. The Booths interviewed a number of witnesses and family members involved in the case, and had access to the secret diary of one of the priests in the exorcism, and based their documentary on events described in it. They shot footage in the actual bedroom in St. Louis of the possessed boy, as well as at the asylum where he was held. In EVP recordings they made in the bedroom, they heard Aramaic being spoken, as well as chanting. At the asylum, an EVP was recorded that said "I'm right above you," they detailed. When the boy was at the asylum for epilepsy, one of the workers recounted-- "Yeah, if you want to call it epilepsy, but I've never seen anyone levitate from epilepsy." There was no 360 degree head turning as depicted in The Exorcist, but the possessed boy emitted a guttural voice in which up to 10 demonic spirits spoke at the same time, according to the diary. The Booths also talked about some of their earlier documentaries, such as The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium. They revealed that at one time in this facility, dead bodies were carried out via underground tunnels, as the staff didn't want patients to know there wasn't a cure for TB. Booth Brothers Films Now On DVD www.spookedtv.com Watch clips here; youtube.co/spookedtv http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=24D10FFB3162117C

NOW LIVE ON http://www.paraxvision.com/live.html


Sunday Night at 8PM/C-The Booth Brothers as seen on SyFy, (Children Of The Grave, The Possessed and Spooked), will be discussing their latest project "The Haunted Boy", which is the true story that inspired the hit movie "The Exorcist". FREE DVD's of the new production will be given to lucky listeners, so please tune in para-x.com on Para X Radio!


LIVE ON THE NEWS: The Haunted Boy: "Paranormal Activity meets The Exorcist but for Real! http://www.fox2now.com/videobeta/97d246cf-5d07-404c-99fd-0f8b4cca470c/News/The-Haunted-Boy-Paranormal


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