SPOOKED The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium. (Documentary 90 Minute) The Shocking, heart felt account of a haunted Tuberculosis Sanatorium where 63,000 people died. Some still say the Dead are still there!

As Seen on Sci-FI Channel

CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE (Paranormal Documentary 90 Minutes) Touching and chilling journey through Haunted orphanages
and unmarked graves in search for Orphan Ghost Children.

Airs Sci-FI Channel -2008

HAUNTED SURVIVORS (Docu- Drama 3 Part Series 3 X 90 Minutes) Best selling Paranormal authors re-live their terrifying experiences of the Supernatural to Face Their Demons. Featuring Michael Jones, the real "Sixth Sense " boy, Amityville Horror House and real Haunted Survivors.

THE POSSESSED (Docu-Drama 90 Minutes) The True story of The Watseka Wonder, “America's First Documented Possession ”of a 13 year old girl in 1870 who is taken over by Spirits of the Dead! “A Premiere story of Possession and Reincarnation”

The WITCHHUNTER Chronicles (Docu- Drama 3 Part Series 3 X 90 Minutes) MTV Style Reality - Drama mini series. Current day, teen Wiccans retrace their ancestors dark past through the Witch hysteria craze of New England. “The Real Harry Potter School of Witches!”

SPECTROPHILIA Sex With Ghosts (Paranormal Documentary 90 Minutes) Hard Hitting, Provocative look at "Night Terrors". A phobia that involves Sexual attraction to Ghosts and Spirits. Filmmakers investigate the dark world of lust driven Poltergeists and their victims.

Press and Info please contact Julie @ pr@spookedproductions.com

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