SPOOKED TV Publications is proud to announce the release of Christopher Saint Booth's latest book, ANGEL OR DEVIL. A dark historical adventure into the real journals of America's first documented Possessions and Exorcisms. Unedited and presented as evidence, these emotional case files reveal the truth and prove the supernatural realm does indeed exist in our sacred world. Case files explore in depth and accuracy the first documented Erling, Iowa Exorcism: A legion of demons inhabit a young girl in 1928. Brought to a convent for an exorcism, disturbing and extraordinary events lash out due to the families dark magic that creates a stronger than evil curse Witness the Watseka Wonder: America's first documented possession of 1877. A chilling story of a 13-year-old girl from the small town of Watseka, Illinois who became possessed or reincarnated by spirits of the insane dead. Some called them Angels, others called them Devils, they all were branded, POSSESSED! Written by Christopher Saint Booth, Rev. Carl Vogl, E.W. Stevens Spooked TV Publications Paranormal Horror Non FictionMature Audiences ISBN-13:978-0692663646 ANGEL OR DEVIL BOOK LIMITED EDITION-AUTOGRAPHED & NUMBERED(Only 100 Available)$25.00 Ships APRIL 1st…ORDER AND GET FREE POSTER!
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Includes Art and Photos by Christopher Saint Booth
Written by Christopher Saint Booth, Rev. Carl Vogl, E.W. Stevens Photos and Art by Saint. Paranormal Horror Non Fiction, Mature Audiences Spooked TV Publications. ISBN-13:978-0692663646 www.angelordevilbook.com PRE-ORDER ANGEL OR DEVIL BOOK LIMITED EDITION-AUTOGRAPHED & NUMBERED(Hurry only 100 Available)+ $25.00 Ships APRIL 1st...
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