Thank you all for lovely comments on the teaser trailer. As well I am so excited to the release next week. If you want one of these 2/CD box-sets go to spookedtv.com or message me as they are a limited edition …cheers and again thank you all that posted your review….hugs “Sounds amazing!”,“Love it!”,“Your voice is unique, enthralling, in addition you have the music and sounds effects which are spot on. It left me wanting more.”,”Bravo!”,”Totally amazing!”,“Very well done!, ”Just the 10 minute teaser proves I made the right decision in this audio book!”,I have never read a whole book ever,just never could,I really enjoyed it,I didn't want It to end!”,”Brilliant!”,”What a voice, I was actually right there, in that moment.Felt every feeling, the excitement, the fear and the anticipation. Just as you described it, just like it was happening to me.”,”I have to say & quite honestly I've NEVER been the least bit interested in audio books because I couldn't get into them but this is way more than just an audio book. This TRULY is an audio experience!”,”I'm so blown away! Great work!”, “What an accomplishment. Hope you do more!”.....Listener Reviews

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