A message from the Christopher Saint Booth

Hello dear friends, I am excited to announce the completion of my new audio book. This is the audio adaption of the fast, selling book PARANOIA -The Strange Case Of Ghosts, Aliens and Demons. It is the only paranormal audio book that includes real EVPs, sound FX and a dramatic score. It is written, narrated and scored by me. It contains over 2.5 hours of paranormal true stories produced dramatically, full of emotion and mystery. I am very proud of this project as it has turned out to be a very powerful and enlightening adventure that needs to be shared. As I am a strong supporter of the music business, for the initial release I will need your help. I have decided to do a limited two CD set. This will make it perfect for you to listen to my book in the car or at home. The limited edition will include, a professionally packaged 2 disc set with a haunting gloss box cover, numbered and signed as there will only be 100 of these limited edition audio books available. Pre-order yours today and also get a free poster, ships February 8th. Your pre-order will help the replication costs and keep it from being just digitally released on iTunes etc. So if you would like (in which case you are gonna love) this 2 CD Box set, message me or go to spookedtv.com via your computer (not mobile friendly yet) and order yours today. This is a must for any paranormal lover as the passion contained in this audio book speaks for itself. I hope this will be the first of many I will produce as this CD set simply rocks. Together let do this so we can continue to present the paranormal with class and integrity. Cheers, CSB.