SPOOKED The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Documentary 90 Minutes

The Shocking, heart felt account of a haunted Tuberculosis Sanatorium where 63,000 people died. Some still say the Dead are still there! As Seen on Sci-FI Channel

CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE Paranormal. Documentary 90 Minutes

Touching and chilling journey through Haunted orphanages and unmarked graves in search for Orphan Ghost Children.
Airs Sci-FI Channel -2008

HAUNTED SURVIVORS. Docu- Drama 3 Part Series 3 X 90 Minutes

Best selling Paranormal authors re-live their terrifying experiences of the Supernatural to Face Their Demons. Featuring Michael Jones, the real "Sixth Sense " boy, Amityville Horror House and real Haunted Survivors.

THE POSSESSED. Docu-Drama 90 Minutes

The True story of The Watseka Wonder, “America's First Documented Possession ”of a 13 year old girl in 1870 who is taken over by Spirits of the Dead! “A Premiere story of Possession and Reincarnation”

The WITCHHUNTER Chronicles Docu- Drama 3 Part Series 3 X 90 Minutes

MTV Style Reality - Drama mini series. Current day, teen Wiccans retrace their ancestors dark past through the Witch hysteria craze of New England. “The Real Harry Potter School of Witches!”

SPECTROPHILIA - Sex With Ghosts. Paranormal Documentary 90 Minutes

Hard Hitting, Provocative look at "Night Terrors". A phobia that involves Sexual attraction to Ghosts and Spirits. Filmmakers investigate the dark world of lust driven Poltergeists and their victims.